2009 Cabernet Rose only $20.00 each

2009 Cabernet Rose

Vines thrive on envied soil less than 500m from the beach and 10m above sea-level; a quintessential maritime climate. The sea provides a moderating effect on temperature extremes; the nights are never too cold and the days don’t get too hot. The grapes enjoy optimum climatic conditions throughout the growing season as well as a lovely ocean view. Due to drought we have experienced extremely low yields and recent harvests so small they almost didn’t exist. We’re not complaining though as we are blessed with a vineyard that in the toughest of conditions consistently produces the most amazingly fragrant, flavoursome and well-balanced fruit. The current release is no exception and we have finally crafted the fresh and elegant style of Rosé we’ve always aspired to make. Within the Cabernet Sauvignon block, we handpick small parcels of fruit with characters best suited to making an elegant, fresh aperitif style. The grapes are gently pressed to extract colour but not tannin, then chilled to retain their lush red berry flavours. Though almost fermented to complete dryness, the fresh fruit flavour makes this wine seem deceptively sweet. Pale pretty pink in colour, fresh and fruity on the nose, mouthfilling and ‘moorish’ on the palate – this wine is simply lovely and refreshing on its own. Alternatively, do what we do and drink it with pretty much anything from spicy Asian dishes to pizza, pasta or seafood.

by Lady Bay Vineyard

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