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Rusty Mutt is a boutique wine brand based in McLaren Vale South Australia. Having worked for a premium wine producer for nearly twenty years, I have come to some realisations about good wine. You need the best grapes, you need knowledge and experience, you need patience and you need time. Truly great wines do not come from a factory then sold through a supermarket. They come from people, at a place, with passion. They come from the one on one time spent with the wine as it is forming, and understanding its uniqueness and how to bring out its full potential.
Finding these unique gems amongst the quartz has certainly been a very rewarding experience for me, and it is a great thing for the local wine industry. There is so much more to wine than what is on offer at your large chain discount wine shop. I hope that I can offer you a unique wine experience that may perhaps change the way you think about it.
Wine created in what can only be described as a factory, made on a massive scale, without the attention, dedication and passion it deserves, in my mind does not have a soul. Add that close personal contact, that story surrounding it, the passionate people involved with it and the time for it to develope and grow and you have

Rusty Mutt, wine with a soul

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Rusty Mutt in an online only brand based in McLaren Vale South Australia.

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